At a breakfast organized on 29 April at the Club Le Doyen in Paris, Arnava (SBT Group), a consultancy firm specializing in assessing managers, presented a study on managers and supervisors from 40 large French and international groups the theme of which was “which leadership models should we adopt for the directors and managers of the future?”

To better understand what companies of the future will look like, Arnava asked managers about the changes taking place in their profession, the difficulties they encounter, and the direction that changes are going in. The results show that the new leadership models are at the heart of a system of issues inextricably linked with each other: be they economic, societal or cultural. 3 factors affect new managerial practices in particular: new technologies, new generations (Y, Z) and the CSR.

The conclusions of this study were presented to the guests and journalists attending this event, which was an opportunity for discussing “best practices” and for sharing experiences.

Please contact us if you would like to see the results of this study.

Which leadership model should we adopt for the managers of the future?

Michel Noir, President of Arnava