Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Managing Director of SBT, has just been elected Secretary General of CEN-STIMCO, the National Center for Expertise in Cognitive Stimulation.

The missions of CEN-STIMCO entail supporting and developing applications and technological solutions connected with cognitive stimulation, promoting the construction of offerings that meet the needs of the cognitive stimulation market, cooperation between the academic, medical and business sectors, the workplace and the socio-economic environment, as well as innovation in developing computerized systems for cognitive stimulation, cognitive optimization and the compensation for cognitive deficits with regard to participation through partnerships with research bodies and companies.

The National Center for Expertise in Cognitive Stimulation (CEN STIMCO) is a “facilitating” body whose independence, neutrality and transparency aim to encourage contact between users, handicap professionals, companies that use technological solutions, their suppliers, charities for patients and their families and cognitive stimulation researchers.

Additional recognition of the legitimacy of SBT in the field of neurosciences and cognitive sciences.

National Center for Expertise in Cognitive Stimulation