Our presence throughout the world

The Consultancy and Human Resources division conducts the main part of its business in France and in the foreign subsidiaries of its clients, while the Smart Health division has very strong international business activities.

Scientific partners of SBT abroad

SBT works with many scientific teams abroad. Its researchers use all the SBT programs for scientific study protocols to test their validity in various pathologies and in various scenarios. We work closely with these researchers and actively support their research.


  • Dr Michael Falkenstein Ph.D., University of Dortmund
  • Dr Ben Godde, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany


  • Dr Michael Valenzuela, University of New South Wales
  • Professor Anthony Harris, University of Sydney


  • Christopher Bowie, Queen’s University Kingston


  • Aida Husejinovic, Psychologist
  • Dr Torben Østergaard Christensen
  • Dr Jesper Andersen, President of the Danish Neuropsychology Society.


  • Dr Anne Eschen and Professor Mike Martin, Gerontopsychologist, University of Zurich
  • Dr Pascal Vianin, Canton of Vaud University Hospital in Lausanne


  • Dr Robert Bender, Geriatrician, Healthy Aging Institute, Des Moines
  • Dr Wesson Ashford, Stanford University, Department of Veterans Affairs