Our vision

Michel Noir, President of the Board

Michel Noir, President of the Board

Intelligence, whether individual, collective or organizational, plays a key role in the success of modern companies. Whether the aim is to improve company performance and the quality of life of the employees or, more broadly, from a societal and medical point of view, to ensure cognitive fluency, it is essential to develop and maintain all these forms of intelligence. To this end, SBT offers a range of innovative services and products based on this strong idea: “Empowered Intelligence”.

This vision is based on two forms of unique expertise: an extremely high level of understanding of the neurosciences and in particular of cognitive sciences, combined with recognized expertise in creating and using new technologies.

With close to 80 employees, over half of which are consultants and experts, SBT applies its know-how to two large business divisions: support for large organizations (Consultancy and Human Resources) and the prevention-health sector (“Smart Health”).

Our primary aim is to give meaning, by building up and clarifying our clients’ strategy, ensuring coherence between the strategy and the means employed, and by boosting the value chain. We mobilize collective energies by freeing up the flow of operating methods, promoting competitive cooperation, developing managerial cohesion and leadership, and fostering responsible behaviour. Finally, we promote development of individual abilities by implementing reference frameworks, developing skills and career paths, and by actually improving quality of life at work.

In the health sector, we provide concrete solutions for patients who are keen to prevent or fight cognitive deterioration, and for organizations, healthcare professionals and carers involved in the patient’s treatment.

This unique approach is based on a method of change and learning that puts the emphasis on the exchange of viewpoints, creativity, and experience.

Since 2000, SBT has been investing over 5% of its turnover in Research and Development, alone or as part of large national and international collaborative programs. In addition to its own experienced engineers and researchers, SBT relies on a network of top experts.

History of the company

SCIENTIFIC BRAIN TRAINING is created on 3 September 2000 by three experts in the cognitive sciences and in IT. It is the first company in the world to design and produce software for developing the cognitive abilities of seniors. It starts a huge project to raise awareness of the issues of cognitive ageing and of the new solutions that it offers.
Marketing of the first products resulting from 18 months of research and development.
The range of products grows and SBT expands into the North American market.The Vedior Bis Group (now Randstad) becomes a partner in developing products geared towards “Human Resources”
In 2005, the success of the corporate project is scientifically, strategically and commercially vindicated.SBT grants a license for web and CD-ROM technologies for the general public HAPPYneuron™ range to the American company Quixit Inc. SBT holds 20% of the capital of Quixit.
SBT acquires the means required to ensure external growth and is quoted on the Free Markets Euronext Paris stock exchange.The Human Resources business increases in scale with the introduction of large projects in cognitive engineering and with the acquisition in October of 60% of the capital of Arnava, the French leader in manager assessment. SBT now holds a full range of products and services for behavioral and cognitive assessment for large companies.
SBT seeks to conquer international markets either through its own companies (German-speaking markets) or through distribution partners (Japan).SBT strengthens its presence in North America through the acquisition of its distributor Quixit which then becomes HAPPYneuron Inc.
SBT acquires Créasoft, a speech therapy software publisher.SBT consolidates its position on the international market though large-scale partnerships in the United States, Germany, Austria and in Korea.
SBT consolidates its market share against the backdrop of a global economic crisis.HAPPYneuron is chosen from many international operators to build localized “brain training” services: Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil…
SBT acquires Symetrix, a specialist in e-learning and serious games. In so doing, SBT gives itself the means to round off its offering in the field of Human Resources, combining an assessment service (Arnava) with an on-line training service (Symetrix).
SBT turns its healthcare and prevention division for the general public into a subsidiary called HAPPYneuron SAS.
SBT acquires OSE Consulting, a management strategy consultancy firm, in order to create a Consultancy and Human Resources division capable of providing innovative global services.The two directors of OSE Consulting, Mr. Olivier Fronty and Mr. Edouard Blanchard become part of the group’s management structure.
SBT completes its transformation becoming a holding and a Research and Development Center. All these business activities are now run by professional subsidiaries grouped under two divisions, namely “Consultancy and Human Resources” and “Smart Health”. HAPPYneuron and Editions Creasoft merge to become a major player in the brain training industry.
HAPPYneuron acquires the commercial property of MOTUS, a provider of digital assessment tools for speech therapies. Henceforth, HAPPYneuron provides a full digital offer going from assessment to remediation.