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Neurosciences combined with new technologies...

Neuroscience and new technologies

Neuroscience themes

  • Map of basic cognitive functions
  • Design of activities that call upon specific cognitive functions
  • Definition of cognitive and behavioral profiles
  • Cognition and emotion
  • Cognition and creativity

New technologies

  • Ergonomy adapted for different target users
  • Virtual coaching algorithm
  • Multimedia game engines (HTML5)
  • Serious Gaming and motivational resilience
  • Multi-player platforms – Serious Game Sessions

Collaborative programs

In addition to its own R&D financed with its own funds, the SBT Group is running or taking part in a large number of national (FUI) or European (Eureka, Feder) collaborative projects involving other companies and academic partners.

Recently, SBT has participated to LGF (Learning Games Factory), MISIVIAS (virtual assessment scenarios), MASSAI (measurement and management of stress in computerized learning situations) and Neurosyllabic (learning a language for those who with cochlear implants).