Sales up 15.9%: €10.184 million

Net income +51%: €0.497 million

SBT, Scientific Brain Training, (FR0004175222, MLSBT) is a group specializing in consulting and development of innovative services that integrate new technologies, cognitive engineering, and neuroscience.

In 2015, SBT enjoyed a significant increase in consolidated sales (+15.9%), reaching €10.184 million (or +€1.4 million compared to 2014) under satisfactory profitability conditions with a net profit after tax and before goodwill of €497,000, or 4.9% of sales.

Good organic sales growth, +11,8%, was boosted by sales in the second half of the year provided by the acquisition of the business assets of MOTUS, a health sector company.

Results for the 2015 financial year (January 1 – December 31)

Consolidated sales in €K 2015 2014 Variation
Sales 10,184.9 8,782.2 +1,402.7
EBITDA 847.9 1074,1 -226.2
Net income of integrated companies 497.6 329.2 +168.4


On December 31, 2015, the Group had a solid balance sheet structure with shareholder equity amounting to €5.17 million (+€0.2 million), financial debts of €760,000 (+€451,000) and €1.25 million in cash holdings.


Consolidation of the Consulting & HR Division

After record growth in 2014, the Consulting & HR Division continued its sales growth, posting an increase of 14% (€8.405 million) with slightly less profitability than in 2014.

There were two major highlights for 2015:

  • A necessary increase in staffing to continue investing in the development of a broader range of innovative services for key accounts
  • A necessary adaptation within the Symetrix Digital Learning subsidiary, both in terms of the offer strategy and the organization of the production and management control processes.


Significant turnaround in Health Division results

Following the merger of two entities in the Health division and the acquisition of MOTUS’s business assets in the summer of 2015, the performance of the healthcare business continued the growth pattern begun in 2014. Consolidated sales grew by 37% to reach €1.64 million (compared to €1.19 million in 2014) and the net income of integrated companies rose sharply from €68,000 to €246,000.

This strong growth confirms the importance of the chosen strategy for developing the business.


In 2016, the SBT Group intends to pursue its growth strategy while improving its profitability.