MASSAI presented by Franck Tarpin-Bernard for the Minister of Economic Regeneration     MASSAI Pellerin

On Friday 24 January 2014, at Bercy, in Paris, an exhibition of 20 innovative collaborative projects from competitiveness clusters took place. The aim of this exhibition organized by the DGCIS (General Directorate of Industry and Services) was to promote corporate innovative endeavors by presenting high-potential R&D projects.

The MASSAÏ project (Measurement and Management of Stress in Computerized Learning Situations) overseen by SBT, was selected in the ICT category (information and communication technologies). In turn, the ministers Arnaud Montebourg, Geneviève Fioraso and Fleur Pellerin came to listen to Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Managing Director of the group, present the content of the project in detail.

Just to remind you, the MASSAÏ project, which will be completed in June 2014, aims to develop tools, initially intended for the training sector, to measure and manage stress. Buoyed up the enthusiasm for the project and the flexibility of the various schemes developed, the SBT Group now plans to use the MASSAÏ tools in professional contexts where stress may have an effect on the wellbeing and the effectiveness of employees.

The MASSAÏ project is jointly funded by BPI France, the Rhône-Alpes region in France and the council of the Rhône département. The consortium brings together, with SBT at the center, the company CORYS and the university laboratories, LUTIN and LIG.