SBT, Scientific Brain Training, (FR0004175222, MLSBT), a group specializing in consulting and development of innovative services that integrate new technologies, cognitive engineering, and neuroscience, announces that, as of Monday, January 30, 2017, they have concluded the acquisition of the start-up TWIN CORP, the only international remote coaching platform for leaders, managers and business experts.

The coaching market is booming in France and internationally thanks to several strengths:

  • Individual coaching increases the effectiveness of employees in companies.
  • Employees expect a more individualized approach, adapted to their context, agenda, and centered around their needs.
  • Companies are faced with a paradox: industrializing individualized employee development while managing constraints: budget, centralized global management, time saving, organizational simplicity, etc.

TWIN CORP brings innovative and agile coaching solutions to the market without departing from the ethics and high standards used by the best coaches.  TWIN CORP offers:

  • The first digital remote coaching solution to develop employee efficiency in all areas.
  • A minimum of 3 hours of coaching to successfully manage transformation projects, skill development programs, and individual situations.
  • The guaranteed involvement of experienced international coaches and support for companies in the development and implementation of their projects.
  • A smartphone application and web platform for choosing a coach and booking sessions on demand.
  • Resources: 28 coaches in Asia, the US, South America, and Europe recruited according to stringent criteria.

With over two years of positive customer experience, TWIN CORP stands out with large international groups as THE facilitating, expert solution when it comes to coaching and professional development, with a projected turnover of approximately 600,000 EUROS in 2017.

For SBT’s Chairman, Olivier Fronty:  “The acquisition of TWIN CORP allows us to offer an innovative tool that complements the Group’s HR approach by strengthening the individual approach. It provides further proof of the Group’s desire to create new labels. It also allows us to integrate all of our cognitive science knowledge into these digital approaches.”

For Perrine Dejoie and Bertrand Ponchon, Founding Partners of the start-up, “TWIN CORP will be able to take off quickly thanks to a growing group and will benefit from customer and network synergies.”



Edouard Blanchard

SBT Group Board Member



Amalia Naveira/Marie-Claude Triquet


Tel: 00 33 4 72 18 04 93


About SBT

A Euronext listed company, SBT, Scientific Brain Training, is a group specializing in consulting and development of innovative services that integrate new technologies, cognitive engineering, and neuroscience. Its expertise is organized around 2 activities:

  • The Consulting and Human Resources activity covers the value chain, including strategy consulting, talent detection and development, along with the design of multi-channel training programs (face-to-face and e-learning).
  • The Smart Health activity focuses on health professionals and the general public. It designs, develops, and markets interactive applications and software for a wide range of uses, directed both at target populations (children, adults, seniors) and specific pathologies (dyslexia, attention disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.) or situations (at home, with a practitioner, or in the workplace).

See the press release PDF (in French):  The SBT Group acquires the international coaching platform TWIN CORP