2016, SBT continues to grow

Sales up by 10.7%: €11.3 million

Stable net income +1.6%: €506,000


SBT (FR0004175222, MLSBT) is a group specializing in consulting and development of innovative services that integrate new technologies, cognitive engineering, and neuroscience.

In 2016, SBT saw continued growth in its consolidated turnover (+10.7%), which reached €11,272,000 (or +€1,088,000 compared to 2015). In a context of investments (increased resources and staffing), profitability remains satisfactory with a net profit of €506,000 after taxes, or 4.5% of turnover.

As no acquisitions were made in 2016, growth in sales is entirely organic, demonstrating the relevance of the model implemented by management.

Consolidated sales (€K) 2016 2015 Variation in €K
Sales 11,272 10,184 + 1,088
EBITDA 1,221 847 + 374
Net income of consolidated companies 506 497 + 9


On December 31, 2016, the SBT Group had a solid balance sheet structure with shareholder equity amounting to €5,714,000 (+€537,000), financial debts decreasing to €445,000 (-€213,000) and €1,414,000 in cash holdings (+139,000€).


The Consulting and HR Division internationalizes

All of the division’s activities reported growth in sales. Arnava recorded strong growth (+24%), reaping the rewards of a strategic reorientation. OSE Consulting experienced steady growth (+8%), and Symétrix grew moderately (1.3%) due to management and team restructuring carried out throughout the year. The Consulting & HR division generated €8.9 million in sales for a net profit of €423,000 (including a €290,000 SBT SA debt cancellation for Symétrix, which was granted to facilitate restructuring).

The main highlights included the opening of two subsidiaries: one in New York and the other in Hong Kong to support large accounts, open new markets, and continue digitalizing the HR consulting business (assessment, coaching, development, etc.).


The Health Division solidifies growth.


The expected commercial synergies resulting from the acquisition of Motus’ business assets are taking root and speeding up growth. The Health Division increased turnover by nearly 30% in 2016 to €2.2 million while maintaining the same 14% profitability for a total of €274,000.


In particular, HappyNeuron once again increased its penetration rate among healthcare professionals by relying on a service offer recently strengthened by the arrival of a new platform integrating its activities and allowing professionals to manage their patient programs.