2017 product strategy: investments and first results

Sales up 8%: €12,165,000

Net profit up 11.6%: €566,000


Lyon, May 2, 2018

SBT achieved a steady increase in its consolidated sales (+8%), reaching €12,165,000 (or +€893,000 compared to 2016). Against a backdrop of strong investments to build an expanded product offer, profitability remains at the same level as last year with a net profit after taxes of €566,000, or 4.6% of sales. EBITDA represents 10% of sales. The workforce grew significantly by 18% (or 84 employees as of December 31, 2017) to ensure the 2020 growth plan.

A single acquisition, which had little impact on the consolidated financial statement, was completed in 2016 (Twincorp). Sales growth is thus largely organic, demonstrating the relevance of the model implemented by management.

Consolidated sales (€K) 2017 2016 Variation in €K
Sales 12,165 11,272 + 893
EBITDA 1,237 1,221 + 16
Net profit from consolidated companies 566 506 + 60


On December 31, 2017, the SBT group had a solid balance sheet structure with growing shareholder equity amounting to €6,256,000 (+€542,000), financial debts of €874,000 (+€429,000) in connection with the acquisition of Twincorp and the relocation of the Lyon and Paris sites, and a cash holding of €856,000 (-€568,000).


Increased integration of the Consulting & HR Division

SBT offers enriched services integrating the various activities of the group’s subsidiaries (strategic consulting, assessment, development, coaching). Eliminating internal billing, the Consulting and HR Division contributed €9.5 million, closing the financial year with an increase of €539,000 (+6.7%).

Major highlights included integrating the coaching activity into the offer and gradually accelerating the Learn activity.


Continued growth for the Health Division

The Health Division contributed €2.6 million to consolidated sales in 2017, an increase of nearly 18%, while maintaining a profitability of approximately 10%, or €255,000.

HappyNeuron stands out as the Francophone market leader for cognitive remediation platforms designed for healthcare professionals. Significant investments were made beginning in 2017 with the aim of extending this position internationally, particularly in the North American market, in order to take advantage of the excellent references already obtained by the platform.